The journey of painting 81 images started in 2009. The paintings by oil landscape painter, Luke Harvey, were lovingly stored, the joy having been in painted them.

But then, the collection grew.

A holiday to Tasmania in 2014 was the catalyst for change to set up a new life and begin a new art project.

Couple, Luke and Keryn, found a vacant block of land on the main street in Campbell Town. Things seemed to fall into place; and, Luke’s 81 painting exhibit would find a home at 81 High Street, the new gallery named Gallery 81.

The gallery was purpose-built for the 81 paintings and to provide Luke and Keryn a new life in Tasmania. The gallery has been designed with a residence attached.

The gallery is seen simply as an extension to Luke and Keryn’s home, who hope that those who visit will enjoy a unique art experience.


The Artist

Luke Harvey is an oil painter who specialises in landscapes.